Change of Premises

Hey Champs!

It’s Leon, the head boxing coach at the old UMAA gym, you guys should remember me!

This is a message to the old Champs and the future Champs, I am pleased to say I have found a new premises for us to continue my awesome boxing classes independently. Being that this is my own independent boxing project the enthusiasm and energy is even better then it was before so you will get more then you initially came for.

My BOX N HIIT classes are now located at Wizfit studios in Purley Way.

I have enthused a HIIT workout in each boxing class to send your adrenalin and endorphins sky high so be ready to achieve your best!

I have been running adult classes for the past two months and I am now in a position to start kids classes. Could you kindly drop me a message to show your interest so I can get these kids classes started in the next few weeks.

Everything has a beginning, middle and end, this is the beginning of the best and most dynamic boxing and HIIT class around.

I’ll look forward to seeing you!


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Next time I’m in the area, this is going to have to happen!

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