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About Leon ‘Solid’ Williams

My love for boxing started at 15, watching the likes of Mike Tyson. Seeing him coming into a ring and completely dominating a match at the peak of his career, his fitness and thirst for the sport were inspiring.

The sheer power and passion he had for boxing intrigued me and I wanted to learn more. This is where I began my boxing journey and have never looked back since!

By 19, I was determined to make it in the industry, training fiercely to get to the top, all the while my passion ever increased for the sport.

I took inspiration from everyone in the industry, constantly developing myself to be a worthy opponent. With each fight I studied my strengths and weaknesses and progressed until I became ‘British Cruiser Weight Champion 2011’.

My passion for training grew and took me into a new direction, as a personal trainer.

I got to work on various techniques and focus on a variety of different training styles.

My main inspiration coming from my boxing and also other trends in fitness.

I am constantly searching for new and exciting training regimes and developing and honing my skill set, to make each one of my training sessions new and exciting – instead of a chore!

When we stop working on ourselves, we become stagnant and we don’t grow internally. For me, fitness is my lifestyle, it’s a part of who I am and with my personal training I hope to spread this message to everyone who steps foot in one of my training sessions.

Training people and engaging with others about exercise is incredibly rewarding, I hope to change perceptions about fitness so we are able to see that it’s about long-term goals, not short-term solutions and superficial muscles. Training is all about working on ones self physically and mentally, promoting positive energy and self-development.

Boxing like many other sports is a great way to engage a person and requires specific skills which can be built up over time, so it’s a fun and exciting way to train. What sets these workouts apart from other sports is the sheer intensity and full body conditioning achieved from it that you just don’t get with other sports alone. I want to show you all how universal boxing is, all levels of fitness can benefit from it. So what are you waiting for? Come see me!

Started training with Leon around five years ago, and to be honest he’s the reason I’ve been doing it for so long. Not only is he brilliant when it comes to general fitness and health but on top of that he boxed to a very high level which is brilliant for any young aspiring boxer. All his classes are welcoming, of mixed abilities and beneficial to all so I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Paul Casey
Five Year Student

Explosive boxing training combined with crossfit exercises greatly improved my boxing skills, my strength and stamina. I recommend Box’N Hit class for anyone who wants to improve their figure and skills, all levels welcome. Leon gives you a good motivation with smile and professional training like a Champ does ! the best coach I’ve ever had. #TeamSolid

Matt Cole
3 Year Student

His classes are excellent for technical boxing training and great for conditioning the body as they are physically draining.

I’d really recommend Leon’s classes or 1-2-1 training for those that want to improve their technical boxing skills, sculpt their bodies and improve their mental.

David Anifalaje
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As Featured on Prizefighters and Steve Bunce’s Boxing Hour